Types Of Bottled Water

Types of Bottled Water

Spring Water – Glacial Water – Filtered Water – Mineral Water – Sparkling Water Types of Bottled Water Choosing the Right Bottled Water. Types of Bottled Water Bottled Water comes from many different manufacturers and places on earth. Each has a different feel, taste and set of unique attributes. When choosing a bottled water, preference[…]

Coin Operated Water Vending Machine

Coin Operated Water Vending Machine

Coin Operated Water Vending Machine What is Coin operated water vending machine? Coin operated water vending machines and units are the new thing on the block. These are similar to a coin operated telephones where in you can insert a coin and water gets dispensed for that amount. Typically you get 20 Litre water filled[…]

Bottled Water Suppliers

Bottled Water Suppliers

Packaged Drinking Water, Mineral Water, RO Filtered Water Suppliers Bottled Water Suppliers Bottled water suppliers of 20 litres water Can are so critical for home, small office and corporate office, schools, events and even hospitals. Typically bottled water suppliers are either direct distributors or individual suppliers for a particular brand like Bisleri, AquaSure or even[…]


Water Purification Methods

Water Purification Methods Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification | RO Water Plant Setup Reverse Osmosis (RO) Based Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturing Process This article emphasizes on water purification methods and processes in the context of RO based packaged drinking water manufacturing. Manufacturing process for packaged drinking water is essentially a purification process of raw water through[…]

Packaged Drinking Water

What is packaged drinking water?

Packaged Drinking Water Know more about packaged drinking water, mineral water and how they are manufactured. Packaged drinking water means water derived from any source of potable water which may be subjected to treatments such as, decantation, filtration, combination of filtrations, aeration, filtration with membrane filter, depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration, demineralization, remineralization,[…]