Types of Bottled Water

Glacial Water

Bottled glacial water is beneficial to whoever drinks it because it contains nutrients and minerals you can't find anywhere else. With each sip, you are bettering your body.

Spring Water

Spring water provides the crisp, fresh taste of water straight from nature. Nothing is more refreshing than water from a fresh natural spring.

Artesian Water

Artesian water is water that comes from a special type of well. It is much lauded for its pure, clean nature and health benefits.

Volcanic Water

Volcanic water is naturally filtered through volcanic bedrock. It is known for being a clean, refreshing and healthy beverage rich in magnesium, zinc and bicarbonate.

Filtered Water

Bottled filtered water is a great beverage to consume because with it, you are getting all the nutrients and minerals you need. However, through the filtering, the harmful toxins in water is being eliminated.

Mineral Water

Mineral water gives you a burst of nutrients with every delicious sip. Add a bit of nutrition to your day with a quick drink.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water can come from several origins, and it gives you a refreshing, fizzy sip like that of a soda.

Exotic Water

Exotic water is made with essences of fruits and other high quality ingredients. It is a delicious beverage that is free from calories, artificial colors, and sweeteners.