Frequently Asked Questions

October 25, 2016


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply to home, office or shops?

Yes we supply to individual homes, offices & shops. It can be a one time order or repeated orders based on the frequency you choose for refilling. We swap your empty Cans with filled Cans.

Do you supply bulk orders for marriages, events & parties?

Yes, we do supply in bulk orders for marriages, parties, events, corporate in either 20 litre Cans or 250ml/500ml bottles.

Choose your product from the shop page, add to cart and place an order. You can also place a request on and one of our executives will get in touch to provide details on the discounts and offers applicable for bulk purchases.

What brands do we supply?

Bisleri, Gravels, AquaSure (Eureka Forbes), Kingfisher, Aquafina and multiple RO filtered ISI labels.

We will soon be listing all of our brands in a separate page for your quick reference. This is work in progress.

Which city/area is this service available?

This service is currently launched in selected localities across Bangalore, India. You can signup here “Drinking Water Service” with you requirement and address details so that we can check our service availability in your area and get back to you.

We are expanding soon to other cities across India.

How fast can you deliver?

We take orders one day in advance so that it can be delivered next day at your preferred time or any other later date. Currently we dont have on-demand or same day deliveries.

Can I specify time & date of delivery?

Yes you can choose to specify next available date & time of delivery during checkout process or while subscribing for the service.

How much do you charge?

We have separate charges for Water & Can deposits. It depends on the brand that you choose. You can try adding your specific choice of brand to the Cart and you will be able to check the price accordingly.

Is there a Can deposit?

If you are availing our service for the first time then you need to pay one time Can deposit. Deposit will be Rs 150 per Can. If you wish to cancel the service at any point in time then 50% of the deposit would be refunded in cash.

Can I make online payments?

Yes, you can choose to pay using your net-banking, debit card, credit card or even wallets. We use Instamojo & Razorpay payment gateways which are registered entities with Govt Of India & Reserve Bank of India. All of your transactions are safe and secure. Upon any online payment failures you can either contact us or the payment gateway providers directly.

How can I place a regular supply order?

You can place a subscription request from this link: Subscription Form 
Once we receive the application our sales team will get in touch to provide details on the pricing and service details.

What are shipping charges?

We charge Rs 15 per 20 litre Can and Rs 10 per carton boxes of 250ml/500ml/1Ltr bottles. Please note that shipping charges will be visible only in the Cart / Checkout process. Product price doesn’t include shipping charges.

Are there any taxes applicable?

14.5% VAT is applicable and is included as part of the product price mentioned in shop.

You will be able to view the VAT calculations in Cart.

How do you ensure quality of water?

We partner with manufacturers to ensure direct shipping from factory to your doorstep ensuring zero tampering. Water test reports with TDS & Ph levels are provided upon request for any given brand, specific week/month basis.

How different are you from local vendor?

We deliver through our manufacturing & partner networks who are government licensed (ISI & FSSAI), legally established & a verified entity. This way you are assured of water quality, price and if you are not satisfied with a particular brand then you can switch the brand as we supply multi brands.

How can I trust the local brand (Non-branded) water?

Under Non-branded category all of our partnered brands are ISI licensed and approved. You can request for license details, water quality test reports. We will make it very transparent for you to know every aspect of the water brand you consume.

Can I get a franchise of a particular brand?

You can become a BOOKACAN Franchise and run a business of your own. We will connect you to our factories, supply chain and customers.

You can apply here: BOOKACAN Franchise Program.

How can I switch from my existing vendor?

If you have a branded Can (Bisleri, AquaSure, Kingfisher etc.) and would like to order the same brand then we swap your existing old Can. If you need different brand then you need to pay deposit as applicable.

Do you have dispensers and what models?

Yes we have manual dispensers for 20 Litre water cans and can be purchased here: Shop

Will I be able to order additional Cans for a one time purpose when I have guests or a special event at home?

Certainly, you can always order for more Cans without any additional deposit if you are a regular subscribed customer.

Please note that in such cases you need to place a separate Order for one time and at least 2 days in advance so that we can make respective arrangements. These Cans need to be returned within 2 days from the delivered date.

What happens if I have placed an order and I may not be at home?

You may choose to leave the empty Cans with your neighbor OR outside of your home if it is safe. We will then swap with filled Cans and collect the amount in your next order.Please note that the safety of Cans will be your responsibility.

Do you buy back old/unused Cans?

If its reusable then we buy back the Can.Price depends on the Can condition.

In case if the Can is not reusable then you can donate to a environmental cause that we work with several NGOs and help plant trees.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through email: OR you can write to us from this page: Contact us

We are working on a phone support and will be available soon.

Is there a mobile app for Android / iOS?

This is work in progress we will keep you updated. You will be able to place a refill order in single click.