Bottled Water Suppliers

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Bottled water suppliers of 20 litres water Can are so critical for home, small office and corporate office, schools, events and even hospitals. Typically bottled water suppliers are either direct distributors or individual suppliers for a particular brand like Bisleri, AquaSure or even local brands like Gravels Premium.

Bottled water suppliers take franchise of multi brand bottled water so that they dont run out of stocks and serve customers when they need it most.

If the bottled water supplier is a distributor then he would have a retail store where you can pickup bottles if you are a first time buyer. In case if you already have an empty bottle then you could swap your empty bottle with filled one at the store.

Individual bottled water suppliers also provide home delivery service and they are available via phone call. You make a phone call and they would swap your empty bottle with the filled one right at your door step. As per government norms (BIS) only same brand bottles can be swapped. For example if you had an empty Bisleri 20 Litre water bottle then you can only swap with a filled Bisleri bottle. You cannot exchange it with another brand like AquaSure or other local brands.



Drinking water is something that is needed on demand. The RO filtered water available as packaged drinking water and mineral water has created an easy, ready to drink water source.  Consumers are getting used to bottled water and it really provides a cheaper and alternate option than having to maintain expensive RO filters.

However in ideal case the reliability on single bottled water supplier is a challenge for consumers. Supplier could be serving other customers few kilometers away from his shop or he is not in town or there could be many possibilities for his non-availability.

This is where BOOKACAN comes handy and is helping consumers by minimizing the dependency on single bottled water supplier. We have launched in Bangalore and slowly expanding to other cities across India.

BOOKACAN partners with bottled water manufacturers and suppliers to create a reliable, quality controlled supply chain for bottled water consumers.

Consumers can subscribe to the service by visiting to this page Bottled Water Subscription Form. Enquiries can also be sent to this email ID to know more about the service availability for a city/locality.