Best 20 Litre Water Can Dispenser

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Best 20 Litre Water Can Dispenser for home and office use:

20 Litre Water Can Dispenser comes in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your usage you can decide to buy a suitable water can dispenser. Let us understand what are different usage types and then look at corresponding water dispensers.

Usage Types & Recommended 20 Litre Water Can Dispenser

1. Home & Small Office

Families typically with 2-4 adults plus 2 children living in apartment face fresh water availability crisis. A small office setup having 10-15 workforce not able to manage with domestic water filters. In such situations RO filtered and ready to drink 20 Litre Bottled Water Cans will be main source of water. Hence a compact Water Can Dispenser shown below is recommended. Dispenser is made of durable food grade plastic material and is compatible with various bottled water can brands. Bisleri, Bailley, AquaSure, Kingfisher, Gravels Premium, Jeevika Vitamin Water and other local brand RO filtered Water Cans are compatible with this dispenser. Dispenser is washable with mild hot water rinsing and the tap at the bottom can be removed during washing.


Plastic Water Dispensers

Water Dispenser For 20 Litre Bisleri Water CanWater Dispenser Tap For 20 Llitre Bisleri Water Can


20 Litre Water Cans are typically of weight 20+ Kgs hence they cannot be easily lifted and toppled on the above shown dispenser. Especially at homes it would be difficult for women and children to lift the Can and topple it on the dispenser. In such case it is recommended to use a a Bottled Water jar Dispenser tap with metal stand pump shown below. A tap attached on top of 20 litre bottled water can is compatible with various brands like Bisleri, AquaSure and many other local brand Cans. You just need to lift the Can for about one feet and slowly incline it on the stand as show below.

Metal Stand Water Dispensers



Pump Based Water Dispensers




2. Corporate Office, School, Colleges, Hospitals

Due to large number of work force or students  it is recommended to use automatic hot & cold water dispensers. These dispensers use electricity providing instant cold & hot water. Water dispenser price depends on various brands, quality and warranty.Below are some of the industry standard brands sold online and delivered across India.


Top Loading Hot & Cold Water Dispenser





Bottom Loading Hot & Cold Water Dispenser



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