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Gravels Premium Packaged Drinking Water

Delivering Purity And Quality For Healthy Life.

We provide you safe, clean, salt-free, pure and crystalline packaged drinking water.

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Filtering & Packaging Process

We follow a three step process to filter, fill and package 20 litre water Cans and pet bottles of 1-2 litre, 250-500 ml.

Wash & Rinse Cans

Water Cans are washed both inside and outside with caustic free soap solution and then in chlorinated raw water followed by fresh water.

Water Filtration Process

Raw water flows through 4 stages of rigorous filtration consisting of sand, carbon, ultra-violet disinfection followed by ozonation.

Filling & Packaging

Filtered water flows directly into pre-washed Cans in air-conditioned chamber with aseptic technique as per ISI standard procedure.

We focus on quality & standards.

Our core strengths are industry standard processes, certifications and world class delivery.

Bureau of Indian Standards – ISI Licensed

We are a BIS approved ISI licensed CM/L 6200019891 manufacturer.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Our products are FSSAI licensed under LIC No: 11214333001145

Directorate of Industries & Commerce

Registered under Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Govt of Karnataka.

Food Hygiene & Health Laboratory (FHHL)

Our Water quality is tested and approved by FHHL

Our Products Range

Gravels Premium Packaged drinking water available in 2 Litre, 1 Litre, 500 ml, 250 ml pet bottles and 5 Llitre, 20 Litre Jars.


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