Water Can 20 Litres RO & UV Filtered

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 50.00 MRP (Shipping Extra)

RO and UV filtered water from ISI Licensed manufacturers.

No added minerals.Can be used for regular domestic purpose like home, office, shops, school, college and events purpose.


Can Capacity: 20 Litres
Label: Regular RO/UV filtered water (Non Branded)

Can comes in 20 Litre capacity with sealed cap and sleeve. The manufacturing and refilling process involves pre-washing using soap-oil and hot water rinsing method. Pre-washing removes fungus, bacteria or any contamination inside the Can walls. The RO and UV treated filtered water is directly filled into the pre-washed Cans. Immediate capping along with sleeve blocks any dust entering the filled Cans. The Can is quality checked for seal and batch number before it leaves the manufacturing facility ensuring purity, hygiene and quality.

Can be stored & consumed for 30 days from the date of manufacture.
Available brands: Gravels Premium

2 reviews for Water Can 20 Litres RO & UV Filtered

  1. Pooja

    Best water can I tried the quality and it is quite good compared to regular Bisleri or other local water brands i take here near my home…

  2. gravels324

    Good quality water cans. Hygienic and healthy.

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