Why Vitamin Water?

In the absence of adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals, defeciencies will arise and our bodies would react negatively.

Good for your health

Vitamins and minerals are nutrient supplement to our bodies to maintain health within our internal body systems.

Helps gain energy

Essential for conversion of dietary proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy.

It is good for your heart

Anti oxidants, detoxification of liver/ cns, keeps cardio vascular system in track, key blocks in haemoglobin.

It improves overall well being

Zinc and copper tone up immunity system, builds up appetite and effective in treating cold and hypertension.

Licenses & Certifications

Jeevika Vitamin and Herbal water is tested, certified and licensed.

FSSAI Licensed (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

Jeevika Vitamin and Herbal water products are licensed and approved by FSSAI. Our products undergo multiple levels of quality check to ensure purity and hygiene.